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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2011 8:30am-9:00am PST

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>> commissioner dejesus wanted to say a few words. >> i also want to thank all of the awardees tonight. i also want to acknowledge our officers give time, energy, and oftentimes money in the community they live in, as well as to the children in those communities. lt. henry parr is the coordinator of the housing authority but is also active in the operation dream, which gives toys to children in the housing -- over $25,000. they will start distributing those toys december 20 through
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december 23. we are going to post and on the website. i just wanted knowledge, in doing your everyday work, they give so much time to our community, and this is a wonderful thing to do to give toys to the children of those in the housing authority. thank you. [applause]
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>> now we will have the medal of valor presentation for sgt timothy paine, sergeant james o'malley, sgt gregory kane, officer william eleiff, and officer steven stearns. [applause]
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>> on may 5, 2004, a round in o'clock p.m., there was an attempted kidnapping of strangers of a woman and her son. the suspect proceeded in a chevy trailblazer and used a large caliber gun and fled westbound on any street. the suspect's description was broadcast five minutes later at 8:05. two minutes after that, officer eleiff saw the suspect vehicle and paged and began following it. as he broadcast, holding a court microphone, his location, the vehicle sped off at a high rate
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of speed. opposite the live activated his lights and sirens and pursue the vehicle. the suspect drove west on haight and then northwest on the visitor. the suspect drove northbound in the southbound lanes of the visitor. of azeri live broadcast a license plate as the suspect turned west on hayes. the suspect drove north on broadway and fired one shot at officer eleiff. , -- stearns, and kane. those shots can be heard of the recording of the night. the suspect headed north and again leaned out the window to fire at the pursuing officers. the suspect then turned
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eastbound on to turkey into oncoming one way traffic. officers paine and o'malley saw the vehicle traveling up a high rate of speed on to oncoming traffic. officer pain is a specialist. they are more heavily trained in these types of situations. knowing the information, he attempted to halt the suspect by firing at the suspect. the round, but officers hearing the shot at the suspect had fired at them. officers o'malley and paine, knowing that officer eleiff was a single unit, decided to pursue the suspect. the suspect continued into oncoming traffic until he turned north on webster and the east oneddy, sot on buchanan. during this pursuit, officer you
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lift prop broadcast the suspects route while driving, holding the microphone in one hand. once in large rally, the suspect drove along the block calling for residents of the housing project to come out and stop his car. officers paid and o'malley not arrived at the other end of the alley. officer of valley got out of his car and ran down the building line toward the vehicle. the vehicle started again. fear of the suspect might get into another altercation with civilians, as this was mayor of the scene of the initial incident, or leave the alley to in danger citizens and officers, officer of valley stopped -- officer o'malley shot one shot. the suspect fired a round at them through his back window. officers came, stern, and the live, returned fire without hitting the suspect.
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the officers continued their verbal commands to the suspect to put up his hands and leave the vehicles. the suspect got out of the driver's door, raised his hands, took off his shirt doing a full circle. the suspect then dropped his hands to his waist and took a few steps toward the officers who did not fire at these provoking actions. the suspect then returned to his car and sat on the running board. officers kept up a stream of commands for the suspect to surrender which he ignored. officer pain move down the alley toward the alley, warning people to get out of the street. sgt. paine had arrived at a position parallel to that of the subject -- suspect. the suspect turned in the car and appeared to be getting something. he turned back toward the officers who again held their fire. the suspect turned back toward the inside of the vehicle, appeared to shield his movement.
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officer -- sgt. kane saw the suspect reached under his driver seat. the suspect then spun around toward the officers. sgt. paine, believing the suspect would again opened fire, fire three shots. the suspect fell to the ground. officers called for an ambulance and administered first aid. the suspect was pronounced dead at the same. the suspect's gun was recovered in the driver's door. the suspect was initially wanted for attempted to kidnap a stranger and alison son using a gun. this heinous crime testify the pursuit of the subject. the suspect's crimes showed a gravest threat to public safety. the suspect then fired repeatedly at officers. each of these officers had time to make a decision to put their lives at risk for the public
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safety. each of these officers could have made decisions to not join in on the efforts or to abandon their attempts to take the dangers of its critics suspect into -- custody. officer eleiff could have backed off the chase as a 1 person unit. officer stearns and sgt. kane could have done nothing. officer came and started o'malley also could have decided not to. each of these officers showed restraint in not firing their weapons where a suspect provocative action would normally end in shooting. these officers were awarded the gold medal of valor. [applause]
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>> a sgt. paine, who could not be here tonight, was also awarded the gold medal of valor.
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>> it is with great pride that we honor these individuals for their valor. every day, officers put their lives at risk and do very good police work and we do not do enough to thank them for that. i am brought to be part of a ceremony where we can point to these heroes and thank them publicly, the way that we should do so every day publicly. so thank you again. [applause] the police commission and the park would would also like to think the diversity of california's san francisco for its generous support in co- sponsored tonight's event.
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we would like to single out the community relations office and the conference center office for putting tonight's ceremony and their generous support. i also want to thank ms. tom. she is the one that put the packs together and organized the event. she did a lot of work and happy that she could be here tonight. this concludes our ceremony. there will be refreshments out in front. there is a photographer. you want to take pictures. i am going to go outside and shake the hands of some heroes and thank them. i hope that you will do the same. thank you for coming again.
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